Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a vital service provided to your lawn to allow for a healthier turf structure. Removing plugs of soil throughout your lawn allows for easier transportation of nutrients, water, and oxygen to the roots of the grass. It also encourages the roots to expand and grow vigorously to develop a more lush lawn. Our lawn professionals provide this service in the Spring and Fall season, as this is the most appropriate time to perform core aeration while the roots are in the most active stage of growth and storage of nutrients.

Timing is Everything

Providing Core Aeration for your lawn every year is a great start to a lush lawn. Proper practice of simple lawn maintenance techniques will lead to a beautiful and healthy lawn. Some of these easily executed services, when performed routinely, are much more cost effective and lead to the same results as more in depth options such as lawn renovation, over seeding, or completely starting the lawn over.