Spring & Fall Clean-Up


A Spring Cleanup is an important way to not only prepare your lawn for the growing season, but also improve its long term health. During a Spring Cleanup service, we will use de-thatchers on our machines to pull up and remove the thatch layer in the lawn. Leaves that have blown into planting beds and your lawn over the winter, as well as sticks or branches that have fallen, will also be removed. We will use our lawn mowers with baggers to collect all debris and dispose of them off of the property. Often times, the first mowing of the year is also completed with our mowers during this service.

Additional Services

Plant trimming and preparation during these times of year are extremely important for maintaining the health and look of your plants. Ask us how we can add these services to your Spring and Fall Lawn Maintenance Program.

Winter damage from snowplows is a common occurrence in Minnesota. Ask us how we can repair damage to your lawn with seeding, sodding, or hydroseeding services.


A Fall Cleanup is the last service we perform on the lawn for the year. During this time, we will give the lawn a final cutting, bringing the height of grass to approximately 2.5”. This height is important as it will help protect your lawn against snow mold, which is more common if the lawn is left long over winter. Leaves within the planting beds and in lawn areas will also be collected and removed from the property.