3 Excellent Reasons To Use Hardscape Materials Rather Than Concrete

If you’re considering pouring a concrete slab for your outdoor living space, maybe a patio or walkway, consider using hardscape materials like pavers instead!

Pavers are very popular right now, and come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They are a great option if you have a specific shape of patio in mind, as they’re very easy to adjust to any shape you need and are extremely stylish.

Get in touch if you’re ready to redo your yard, and read about three reasons we think pavers are a great choice for your new outdoor living space.

Using pavers is a great way to create a maintenance-free outdoor living space. This means you spend very little on keeping the space up.

Save Money

Paver hardscapes are able to withstand dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity without cracking, chipping, splitting or buckling – perfect for Minnesota’s environment. Even if a problem were to arise with pavers, they can easily be replaced piecemeal without having to redo the entire space. Just replace a piece or two at a minimal cost.

Enjoy the Beauty

Concrete tends to just . . . lay there. With hardscape pavers, you’ll be able to choose from a huge variety of colors, sizes and shapes to create whatever type of environment you want. From Mediterranean to contemporary styles, Grecian to Oriental, Cottage to evergreen, pavers can accentuate your style!

Be More Environmentally Friendly

Pavers are also more environmentally friendly. The concrete industry creates up to 5% of the world’s man-made carbon emissions. When manufacturing one ton of cement, 900 kilograms of CO2 is released into the air. Using pavers as your hardscape is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.