Low Voltage Lighting

Whether it be enhancing your landscaping or lighting darkened voids throughout the landscape, outdoor lighting is a ‘must’ in every custom landscape design. A well-designed lighting plan will greatly enhance your home and landscape with added effect and highlights of featured items.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Benefits.

Enhancement – Highlighting the architecture of your home, trees, and water features will add significant areas of interest to your property.

Ambiance – Create a calming presence within your landscape with a ‘soft and warm’ light cascading upon plants, walkways, and structures.

Practicality – Install lighting within an Outdoor Entertainment Area to light up a grilling or gathering area. Extend the evening and enjoy your patio with the added ambiance of outdoor lighting.

Safety and Security – Help deter unwanted guests with the addition of landscape lighting throughout your property by removing dark spaces. Low voltage light will also light pathways and steps to help prevent trip and falls.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance.

Over time, bulbs within the lighting fixtures wear out and need to be replaced. Contact our Landscape Maintenance Team to schedule a time for low voltage lighting maintenance. We will get your lighting plan back running in proper condition.

Low Voltage Lighting Technology

In recent years, outdoor landscape lighting has seen leaps and bounds in lighting technology. With advancements in Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), bulbs are lasting significantly longer with many different options in brightness (lumens), and ‘warmth of light’ (kelvins)

A popular option among many clients, is hiring Scenic Specialties to change out old ‘incandescent’ light fixtures with new LED fixtures. These fixtures’ lifespan and efficiency are several times greater than outdated lighting.

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