Patios & Retaining Walls

Scenic Specialties prides ourselves in the beautiful design and creation of patios and hardscapes. Our confidence is backed by warranties placed on our hardscapes.

Scenic Specialties Landscape Professionals primarily uses interlocking paving stone pavers while installing driveways, patios, paths, and walkways. While we are able to manage a project using concrete or asphalt installation, pavers and natural stone are our preferred and recommended choice. Pavers or stone provide a custom and personal look to the project, and adding their strength and longevity make them a superior product to poured concrete or asphalt.

Applying sealer to pavers is another practice we recommend and provide to our clients. Sealers will enhance the color and character of pavers, as well as help protect against stains and increase the life of the paver.


Natural Stone Elegance

Natural stone such as Flagstone or New York Bluestone provide rich color and enhanced durability. Although installation of natural stone often-times is more difficult, when installed correctly it can last for centuries.

Retaining walls play a vital role in the functionality and character of many landscapes. Properties featuring slopes and hills may require a retaining wall to hold important elements such as driveways, landscape features, or even a foundation of the home in place. These same properties present the opportunity to use retaining walls as special features within the landscape to add additional character, provide balance, or allow unique landscape elements to be implemented within the design. Homes with hills and slopes often provide an opportunity to create elite landscapes.

Sitting walls are free-standing walls usually installed along a patio or outdoor living space. These walls can be very functional, acting as secondary seating, a place to set cooking items while grilling and entertaining, even perhaps a place to set plates of hot dogs, marshmallows, or smores while having a campfire in your fire pit. These walls also act as a great way to give your entertainment area extra character and frame the space in to make it feel like a unique room. They can also add additional dimension to an otherwise mediocre landscape.

Scenic Specialties uses a variety of materials to create retaining walls including modular concrete block, natural stone, boulders, limestone, wood timbers, and reinforced poured concrete. Our professional landscape installers use a combination of training and artistic touch to create beautiful retaining walls for an added appeal to a landscape project.


Careful Consideration

The type of block or stone, proper drainage rock and backfill material to use, base course installation, and type of soil the wall will be reinforcing are all very important topics to consider and plan for. Walls with certain circumstances or heights may need to be engineered to ensure proper support. Scenic Specialties will coordinate and plan for all of these elements while designing retaining walls to last a lifetime.

Scenic Specialties stands behind our confidence in building these walls with a warranty on all retaining walls we build.