Outdoor Living Spaces

When asked to create an outdoor living space, Scenic Specialties’ professional designers will focus on extending the look and feel of a home’s interior to the outdoors. We want the style of this space to be a continuation of your home.

Elements such as pergolas, bars and grills, fire pits, and fire places do a great job of creating an outdoor room and gathering area for entertainment or perhaps spending family time with each other on a nice evening outdoors.

Planning for Success

When starting to plan for your outdoor room, having goals and comfort preferences in mind will be very helpful. Discussing elements important to you with our designers will help make the design-build process flow even more smoothly.

  • How many guests to you plan to entertain on average?
  • Is a location to provide shade needed?
  • Do you want to include a fire pit/fire place?
  • Are you interested in adding structures to add style and function?
  • How do you plan to use this space?
  • Is a swimming pool part of your plan now or in the future?

Outdoor Kitchens

For those who enjoy entertaining outdoors, a properly planned outdoor kitchen will make food preparation easier and more efficient. Equipping this space with the right elements will reduce or eliminate trips in and out of the house, while making the entertainment area more usable and enjoyable.


Features to Consider

  • Built in grill, pellet grill, smoker, pizza oven. Considering size of crowds will help determine the proper size of grill to install.
  • Outdoor sink for efficient cleaning and food preparation
  • Refrigerator for beverages or food storage
  • Bar with seating for gathering and interaction among guests. Also make great countertop areas for food prep.
  • Ice machines, wine and beverage coolers
  • Built in lighting and a heat source can be incorporated for those who want to maximize use of their outdoor kitchen during the cool and dark evenings Minnesota often presents.
  • Sound systems for the music enthusiasts.

Small Yards, Same Big Rewards

A yard with limited space can still have a tremendous amount of function if planned properly. Tight yards present the opportunity to create very cozy and welcoming spaces

  • Do you desire a fire feature but are worried there is not enough space? Consider a ‘fire place’ for a natural burning fire feature, or perhaps a gas fueled fire table. Both of these features may be installed closer to a house in a ‘small yard landscape design’
  • Consider using a pergola or other structure as an extension of the house to create a ‘larger feel’ of the area.
  • Sitting wall benches can be built on the perimeter of a patio, adding additional seating to maximize the space. A wall may also be used for elevation correction on a slope immediately outside of your home.

Landscape Structures

Adding an outdoor structure to your landscape will help create more inviting spaces as well as add function throughout the property. Creating shade, privacy, protection, or a focal piece, landscape structures have many uses in landscaping.

  • Install a Pergola to help provide shade over a patio and sitting area
  • A Pavilion adds additional protection from sun and rain with a fully covered roof
  • Designing a Gazebo within the landscape will provide ultimate protection from the elements and could help create a focal piece in a planting garden. A full screened in structure will keep the mosquitos out on a cool Minnesota evening.
  • A Trellis will allow vines or climbing flowers to help soften a ‘hard lines’ and walls or hide an unwanted sight lines in a property.
  • The installation of an Arbor may help develop an entrance of a walking path through a garden
  • Adding a Fence to your property will add functions such as protecting your pets, providing privacy, or distinguishing your yard from the neighbors’.
  • Plantings along a fence will establish further privacy, beauty, and a ‘softer’ feel of the presence of the fence.
  • Building a Deck will add elevation interest to the landscape. Compliment it with a ground level patio with further gathering space for an ultimate outdoor entertainment area.