Commercial Snow Clearing

Scenic Specialties Landscape Professionals has established a name of quality throughout Central Minnesota. Therefore, commercial properties with high maintenance needs put their trust in us when it comes to snow removal services. With our experience and extensive investment into snow clearing equipment, we are more than qualified to meet the needs of any account.


Importance of Proper Equipment

We use state of the art snow removal equipment to effectively and efficiently clear the snow from sidewalks and parking lots. Routes are thoroughly planned prior to winter months to be paired with the right sized equipment so not to damage the property.

Scenic Specialties utilizes plowing equipment specially designed to scrape parking lots and sweep sidewalks clean of snow. This allows us to apply less salt to the property and focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible. Being we have so much pride in landscaping, we know the consequences of over applying salt. We concentrate on doing everything we can to protect lawns and plants at every property.