Custom Design

The professional landscape designers at Scenic Specialties have been designing award winning landscapes for 20 years. Having a professionally designed landscape is critical to the successful outcome of the project. Much like a blue print for a new home construction, having a landscape design plays a vital role in assuring that all elements of the project are executed properly.

Our professional designers will meet with you on your property to determine the needs of the project. From there, we will begin creating your landscape design in our studio. This process may take a couple of weeks as we put a lot of effort into planning and thoroughly thinking through all elements of your project.

When one of our professional installation crews come to your property, they will use this design to implement all of the specific details associated with the project.

Questions a Designer may have for you

What are your goals for your landscape project?

Is there a certain style you prefer (i.e. formal, natural, curvilinear, etc.)

Do you have pets with certain considerations to keep in mind

Do you entertain often? If so – what size of groups do you host on average. Are there certain elements that should be designed to accommodate entertainment activities.

Do you prefer a patio or outdoor living area to be shaded or do you enjoy full sun.

Are there certain plants you love or strongly dislike?

The Design Process

Step 1: Call or email our design studio to set up a consultation with one of our professional landscape designers.

We will ask questions about the project you have in mind and collect more information about you and your property.

We will then send you a ‘project goal worksheet’ to fill out, prior to the consultation. This will help our designers start preparing their minds for the creation of a beautiful custom landscape when they meet with you.

Step 2: Consultation

One of our professional designers will meet with you at your home to begin the design process. Often-times, we will sit with you at your kitchen table to discuss all of the details and goals for your project, and view sight lines from inside the home. We like to get a feel for the layout of the home and your design tastes so that we can transition these styles into the landscape design. From there, the designer will walk the property to take measurements and photos, and start visualizing detailed elements to create your professionally customized landscape project.

*The fee which Scenic Specialties charges for this onsite consultation allows the designer to spend up to an hour with you and provide professional landscape advice for your property.

Design Service Fee: During the consultation, the designer will determine the scope of the design needed for the project and inform you of the design service fee that will be charged. We typically determine the Design Service Fee based upon three common design packages.Basic Design Package: This package is our ‘starter’ design and will include one particular section of your property. Often-times this will be a foundation plan for either the front or the back of the house

Intermediate Design Package: This design package will include a larger scope of design work. This package often times include the front and back yard of a home foundation plan.

Master Plan: This design package will include a very in depth landscape plan. The design will most likely be an entire front and back yard foundation plan, as well as other landscape elements throughout the property.

The charge for the landscape design will be credited back to you on the final invoice when the installation project is complete.

Step 3: Design Phase

The designer will take approximately two to three weeks to complete your personalized landscape design. During this time, the designer will work closely with the estimator and project director to ensure all details are thoroughly planned out.

During this period of time, once the design is finished, the estimator will review it and create a proposal for the installation of the landscape project.

Step 4: Presentation

When the design and proposal is finished, we will reach out to schedule a time for a presentation. During the presentation, the designer will explain all elements of the created design.

Photos of the materials which have been chosen for your project, such as plants, pavers, block, mulch, etc., will be presented at this time.

The proposal and contract will be reviewed at the end of the presentation. The designer will also discuss schedule availability and the process of installation.

Step 5: Contract Signing

To proceed with the project and begin the landscape installation process, we will ask you to sign an agreement after the presentation.

When the agreement is signed, we will have you pay 1/3 down of the project total. Scenic Specialties schedules projects on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, and this will solidify your name on the installation schedule.

Step 6: Landscape Installation Project

Your project is in good hands with Scenic Specialties. The Designer, Project Director, and Construction Lead will efficiently coordinate all of the logistics and implementation schedule to keep the process flowing smoothly. We will communicate with you throughout the project to keep you updated on progress and details of key elements.

Step 7: Quality Assurance Report (QAR)

When the installation of the project is complete, the Project Director will coordinate a time to meet with you at the property. At this time, a final walkthrough with you and the project director will take place to review all elements of the landscape project. You will sign the QAR at this time, which will signify the beginning of a (1) year warranty on all installed landscape product, including planting materials.

A final invoice will be presented to you during this time (with the credit from the design service fee). Final payment is asked to be paid upon receipt once the QAR has been signed.

Your custom landscape is now ready to be enjoyed for years to come. Scenic Specialties will always be just a phone call away with any questions. Our Landscape Professionals will be eager to help.