Landscape Maintenance

After your landscape installation has been completed, routine maintenance is necessary to sustain the look and value the landscaping brings to your property. Even a low-maintenance landscape design needs proper upkeep. Our horticulturists have the training and education to properly care for your landscape investment.

From Spring bed prep and Fall cleanups to season long maintenance programs, Scenic Specialties Landscape Professionals will keep your property in superior condition with services specifically tailored to your landscape.

Benefits of Qualified Professionals

Our landscape maintenance crews are trained and supervised by Certified Landscape Technicians with degrees in Horticulture. The knowledge of these professionals will keep plant disease, pests, and weeds under control. Proper timing and methods for pruning and trimming of shrubs, hedges, and perennials will be executed to keep your garden beds pristine throughout the growing season.

Gardening and Bed Care

  • Even a landscape created with ‘low maintenance’ in mind still requires regular care to sustain a manicured look.
  • Deadhead of certain flowers will promote continual blooming throughout the season.
  • Fertilize plants at the right time of year for plant health and growth.
  • Proper Pruning and care of shrubs to increase longevity of the plant and maintain a beautiful look
  • Pesticide application to help control slugs and other plant pests.