Water Feature Servicing

Scenic Specialties has extensive experience with water features. From starting, cleaning, and preparing water features for the season, to troubleshooting, bacteria management, and winterizing, our professionals will properly maintain these features within your landscape from year to year.


The Powerful Elegance of Water

Water features act as great focal points in the landscape. Often times placed near an outdoor living area or front entrance, the sounds and look they create is soothing, peaceful and inviting. As part of our maintenance packages, we will help keep these water features clean and in proper working condition throughout the season.

Putting your water feature into hibernation.

When the professional landscape maintenance team from Scenic Specialties arrives in the fall, they will shut down and prepare your water feature for the winter months. We can also bring the pump back to our shop for proper winter storage. In the Spring, when it is time to clean and start the water feature, we will bring your pump with us and properly re-install it.