General Landscaping and Softscapes

While hardscapes such as a wall, path, or fireplace tend to be the focal point of most outdoor living spaces, the softscapes are the important finishing touch of the design. Softscapes not only add life to a design with greenery, but they create a truly living, natural, and inviting aesthetic by framing the space through the installation of trees, perennials, shrubs and mulch.

Whether it be a perennial and annual planting bed, raised container garden and window boxes, or a vegetable garden, these features will help create a soothing presence in your landscape.

Some love to dig and plant, and some have the desire to simply just enjoy these gardens. Whatever you may enjoy most, we all love the beauty and fragrance flowers present in a landscape. The professionals at Scenic Specialties have the passion of helping you design, install, and maintain these elegant garden beds.