3 Ways To Extend Patio Season Into Fall & Winter

Patios are excellent for summer get-togethers. Grilling, sunbathing, hanging out – there’s nothing better! But the fun doesn’t have to stop once the leaves start to drop. At Scenic Specialties LawnScape Solutions, we believe you can get three or even four seasons out of your patio! Here are our favorite ways to extend the life of your patio this fall and winter.

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1. FIRE . . . GOOD . . .

Extending the patio season is easy if you add a heat source. Besides warming up your family or chilly guests, a fire is a nice focal point for gathering and drinking hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice-inspired drink.

At Scenic Specialties, we can install fireplaces and firepits made out of brick or stone. Fire pits can be circular or squared off, and either can be custom designed.


As the seasons change, the sun goes down earlier and the weather becomes more unpredictable. Adding lighting fixtures – either within the brick end caps, path lights or separately throughout the area – is a great way to make the patio more inviting.

As well, Scenic Specialties can add a sheltered area on your deck as a permanent or semi-permanent feature to help shelter the area from wind, rain and snow.

It’s also probably necessary to make your furniture weather-resistant. At Scenic Specialties, we can build seating areas into the half- or quarter-walls around your patio and fire pit.


The best way to keep people warm and not thinking about the weather is to keep them busy. Get your guests in on the cooking process with an amazing patio grill, outdoor kitchen or pizza oven!

Keep grilling past summer, just wear extra layers and stay near the cooking surface for extra warmth. Be sure to cook warm dishes!