4 Reasons You Need To Hire Landscape Design Professional

Whether you need help with a few acres of land or just the back patio, you need to hire a landscape design professional. Check out these four reasons you should hire a local landscape designer like Stockinger LawnScape Solutions.

Idea Generation

When it comes to landscape design, you may have plenty of ideas about what you would like. But a professional has the training and innate ability to both create and adjust their ideas and designs, giving you a unique look at your yard you’ve never imagined.

Site Analysis

Every yard is unique, and is part of a larger ecosystem and water system which affects how your land can be used. A landscape design professional has the skill to understand the micro and macro effects on your yard and how best to adjust your design choices.


Every yard has multiple design opportunities. But with proper background research and knowledge, a landscape design professional can narrow down your options to a concept which answers your needs and wants, while addressing the natural ecosystem.

Some ideas just aren’t buildable or sustainable, but by working with a seasoned professional you can be sure your idea will be built and can be maintained over time.


Understanding what things cost is very important. The design processes requires unhampered imagination and creativity in the beginning, but once the direction and aesthetic is defined it is necessary to bring the project into the reality of money. A landscape design professional will be able to reasonably provide a ballpark budget through experience.

If you have a landscape project bubbling up in your imagination, think about contacting a landscape design professional like Stockinger Lawnscape Solutions to help you develop and refine your ideas!