5 Traits Of A Great Residential Snow Removal Business

Residential snow removal can seem like an easy business to get into – any neighborhood kid can offer to shovel your driveway for a few bucks. But to be perfectly on time, extremely efficient, highly communicative with the best tools, it takes a professional. Don’t let your commute depend on someone who isn’t great.

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Removing snow is a much more urgent task than caring for greenery. Like Stockinger, many landscaping companies double as snow removal businesses in the winter. The trick is, you can’t run both businesses with the same set of rules.

If a lawn isn’t mowed first thing in the morning, it won’t affect the owner very much. But if a driveway isn’t plowed right away, the owner’s commute to work or school may be delayed. One mistake or delay can destroy a relationship built up with a client, so communication is key. The worst mistake a residential snow removal business can make isn’t not plowing a property, but not plowing a property and not following up with the client. Make sure the residential snow removal business you choose is communicative.


The next question is, does the snow removal business you’re considering know how to efficiently use their time? Looking at reviews on the internet or asking neighbors, you can begin to get a sense of whether they use the right tools for the job, or employ people who know what they’re doing.


Timeliness is important in a residential snow removal business. When snow falls in the evening, it’s important to be out before commutes start to clear driveways and sidewalks. If a large or long-lasting snow event is coming, you’ll want a company which communicates clearly with you on when they will come, either during or after an event and what conditions will trigger their arrival.


If a residential snow removal company left lines of snow or a sheet of ice on your driveway, what would you think of them? It’s important to be meticulous with snow removal – knowing exactly where to push the snow to minimize disruption and ill-effects on plant life or damage to property. Eventually, snow will melt – it should be kept away from foundations to reduce the risk of water damage.

Though snow events are unplanned, a huge amount of planning and preparation goes into pushing snow. If a company doesn’t have a plan for every property, they may not be in business long.


The brand of equipment will vary from contractor to contractor, but a residential snow removal business needs a variety of equipment to handle every operation. From scoop and snow shovels to snowblowers and snow throwers, ATV plows and truck plows to salt throwers, proper equipment can save a lot of time (and money for the end client when charged per hour).

Plus, if you can see a residential snow removal business maintains their equipment, you know they’ll care for your property just as well if not better.