How Landscape Design Can Get You The Patio Or Walkway Of Your Dreams

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Patio Design


Patios can be made from many different materials, but our experts at Scenic Specialties suggest interlocking pavers most often.

Interlocking pavers are very popular right now, and come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They are a great option if you have a specific shape of patio in mind.


Premium pavers are maintenance-free and made to withstand dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity without cracking, chipping, splitting or buckling. If there is a problem, pavers can be replaced piecemeal without having to redo the entire driveway.

Walkway Design

Walkways are lovely accents to your garden and outdoor living space. Walkways can vary widely in style, and can even vary widely from point to point in a single yard. We can help create a walkway which meets your landscape design needs.


The biggest change from one yard to another in terms of walkways is likely a formal vs. informal walkway. This decision influences the type of material, location and any stopping areas which develop in the walkway.

A formal walkway is characterized by straight lines and right angles, while an informal one is usually curved and meandering. A formal path might be wider as well to accommodate walking with a companion, while an informal one may be narrower.

Taking into account your needs – from style to shape to maintenance and beyond – our landscape design team can create the perfect patio or walkway for you and your home! Get in touch today to get started!